One of grounding, discovery and re-awakening

In an increasingly busy and demanding world, we often overlook the things that are healthy and beneficial for us. In creating Restore, we sought a healthier, more conscious and intentional lifestyle, and to contribute to a more holistic, authentic and sustainable future. 

We started by researching botanicals, and soon realised that the need for re-energising and achieving balance, could be fulfilled with the power of plants.

With a focus on nature and all-natural products, we began in our kitchen, with bottle and pipettes, and a lot of trial and error! Over the course of three years, we developed our own pure essential oil blends, unique recipes designed to nurture. Our own wellness blends. The bespoke and plant-based nature of our blends became really important to us as we saw that many wellness products use artificial fragrance oils or off the shelf blends. We wanted to create unique, pure essential oil blends, created with you and nature in mind.

And by incorporating these into daily life whilst we learnt and created, we discovered the transformative, restorative and uplifting effects of botanicals, soon seeing the real therapeutic influence that aroma using pure plant, herb and flower extracts, can have on mind, body and soul.

Having created a few tailored essential oil blends, which we diffused daily, we then worked on incorporating these blends into candles, exploring the most planet-friendly and sustainable waxes. We then moved onto other products - pulse point oils using nourishing carrier oils, pillow mists and blended bath salts using individuals blends of salts.  Through our own use of these hero products on a daily basis, we saw the real strength and power of plant aroma-therapy. 

In researching the candle and home scent options available, we saw that many products contain artificial fragrance, non-sustainable waxes, harmful chemicals and additives. With the revelation that those using fragrance oils have absolutely no therapeutic effect, we set on our mission of a sustainable, plant-based business which was genuinely therapeutic. 

Fragrance without aromatherapy seemed like such a missed opportunity to restore mind, body and soul! 

And so whilst seeking the chance to take a breath, re-balance, re-energise and restore, we realised an authentic aroma-therapy business should be where our efforts, passion and mission should lie. 

After three years researching, creating, blending, adapting and developing, Restore Home and Organics was born.

nurturing with nature

Beautiful, uplifting, atmospheric and aroma-therapeutic candles
Effective, pure blended essential oils for diffusing at home
Pulse point oils for immediate on-the-go therapy
Blended bath salts, for the ultimate relaxing soak
Artisan pottery products for use with the range of blends and a company with planet and purpose at its heart

...together with a vow to use only pure essential oils, 100% plant-based and planet-friendly waxes, and sustainable practices, harnessing the powerful aroma-therapeutic effects of botanicals.

nurturing with nature

Our Ethos


We know that nature has profound effects on our mood. It has the ability to restore equilibrium. We know scent has the ability to evoke memories and feelings of calm and serenity. 

Nurture Notes


Nurture and nature tips about wellness and self-nurture, essential oils, botanicals, candle care, sustainabile housekeeping recipes and more..

The blend monthly blend box


A monthly box and tailored to you. Sustainably packaged, scented and delivered to your doorstep.


Candle Cup refill

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Every day presents us with an opportunity to re-awaken and renew, to take a moment, a breath, and restore.