Our Ethos

We know that nature has profound effects on our mood. It has the ability to restore equilibrium. We know scent has the ability to evoke memories and feelings of calm and serenity.  We seek inspiration from nature whilst respecting nature and ensuring it is preserved for the future. 

Aroma-therapeutic blends, with you and nature in mind.

Scent is evocative and our homes are our personal sanctuaries so we believe that home scent products should take you on a sensory journey, with candles, blended oils, pulse point oils and blended bath salts, to captivate the senses, enhance a mood, and take you on a sensory experience. Drawn from the natural world, and using plant-based waxes and pure essential oils, our products work in harmony with nature and our planet – created and hand-blended with you and nature in mind. And because the scent blends are 100% pure essential oils, they have genuine aroma-therapeutic effect.

“lighting a candle, a pause in time, to take a breath, to reflect, and restore”

Through our sensory experiences, we enable you to tailor your candles and oils, with a choice of scent blend, handmade candle cup, frosted glass or amber glass jars, and choices of lid. A personal and personalised experience.

Whilst scent is the hero of our products, how they come to you is part of the sensory experience too. Beautifully presented in pretty and re-usable boxes or cotton bags, with sustainable wrap, information cards and gift tags. As all our products are hand-made in our Cotswolds cottage, and we wrap and pack all parcels, we’re able to provide a more personal service.

But nature is core to Restore. All products arrive in sustainable packaging, with botanical sprigs and spritzes, sent with care. Our boxes, whilst beautiful, are made from agricultural waste. Our candle dust covers gift tags are plantable seeded paper. And our waxes and 100% plant-based, and our oils, 100% pure essential oils. No manufactured fragrance. No unsustainable waxes. No parabens. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

“protecting our natural world for the future, and capturing the beauty of the present”

And because are products are plant-based and contain only pure essential oils, they have genuine aroma-therapeutic effect. They’re not just a lovely smell; they’re genuinely therapeutic, lifting your mood, calming anxiety, energising, balancing your time to restore.

Blending nurture with nature

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • coconut & rapeseed wax only – clean and slow burn, the most natural wax 

  • pure essential oils only

  • organic hemp and cotton, metal-free wicks

  • plastic-free; vegan; and cruelty-free; no synthetic fragrances or additives

  • reusable and returnable vessels

  • refill option

  • sustainable packaging

  • sustainable packing materials

  • climate project for each purchase

with you and nature in mind