We hope you find these FAQs useful for how to nurture with nature, safety information and how to get the best out of our products.  If there’s anything you still wish to know after looking at the FAQs or our blogs, do get in touch on info@restorehome.com


Are your products made in England?

We believe in nurturing with nature and so our products are created to nurture you, with the least impact on our planet, and support small and local businesses.  

All our hand-made products are made in the Cotswolds in England. Our Candles, Blended Oils, Pulse Point Oils and Blended Bath Salts are made in our barn in Oxfordshire, and our Candle Cup and other items in our artisan pottery collection are made by a local potter in the Cotswolds. Our other products such as matches, snuffers and cotton bags are supplied by UK small businesses.  

We support local production and businesses as much as possible, including small businesses which supply our wax which is blended in Europe, and our essential oils, which are produced from plants and botanicals based mainly in Europe. Our candle jars are made in Italy. Where our suppliers source certain components from outside the UK, we seek to ensure that their practices are sustainable.  For example, our cotton bags are supplied by a small UK supplier and made in India under the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certification programme, which is the leading global standard and stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions in textile manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. It also includes welfare standards for animal husbandry and prohibits genetically modified organisms. 


How sustainable is your packaging?

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do at Restore. Our packaging, including our candle boxes, seeded paper and other tags are made in the UK from sustainable paper. Our candle boxes are CO2 neutral, made from agricultural waste and suitable for home composting or 100% recyclable.  Our Candle Cups are made for re-fills.  Our other candle jars are recyclable. Our candle dust covers and bag tags are made from seeded paper, infused with wildflower seeds to be planted as part of re-wilding supporting our eco-system, and the kraft paper tags are made from recycled paper and are recyclable.  Nurturing with you and nature in mind.


Can I try the essential oil blends in your collection before I buy them?

We do pop up at shows and other events but generally we are an online business and do not currently have any shops. However, we’re very happy to send blend samples to you so you can see which scents you prefer.  We send our Blended Oils as samples as these are what is included within our Candles, Blended Oils, Pulse Point Oils, and Blended Bath Salts and so you can be confident from the sample that a particular blend is the right one for you when you place your order.


Are your products tested on animals? 

No. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, and they are vegan-friendly. Our candles are safety tested and our oil blends are flash point tested. Our carrier oils contain no nut products. Allergens are listed in the safety information label on the base of products and are listed below.


Are your candles and oils made with natural products?

Yes. It’s of critical importance to us and our mission. 

Our candles are made with an eco plant wax which is a mix of rapeseed oil and coconut oil and nothing else. It is vegan-friendly, cruelty free, GMO free, eco-friendly, soya-free, palm-free, paraffin-free, beeswax-free, and synthetic-free. So, no paraffin wax, no soy wax, no parabens, and it burns cleanly, effectively and efficiently, with a slow burn. Our candles also have cotton and linen wicks, specifically designed for plant waxes, to ensure an effective and even burn.

Our wax responds really well to our fine essential oil blends which are 100% plant botanicals, pure aromatherapy grade, essential oils, and are the only scent-based products we use. We never use fragrance oils – these are synthetic and are not natural, and we never use them. 100% with you and nature in mind.


How can I use your products at home to help in my wellness routine?

Our daily habit recommendation is as follows:

  • On waking and throughout the day, apply our Pulse Point Oils to restore, balance, and renew, choosing the blend to suit your wellness needs. Keeping the rollerball bottle readily at hand throughout the day, in your bag or desk, means you can benefit from the effect whenever you need it.  
  • Use our Blended Oils in your surroundings, periodically throughout the day, in an electronic diffuser to get the best therapeutic effect, or in an oil burner.  
  • Light a Candle when you’re able to enjoy some ambience and the warm glow of the flame, whilst breathing in the oils and benefitting from the therapeutic effect of the slow burn.
  • As part of your bedtime routine, light a Candle and add a sprinkle of our Blended Bath Salts to your bath (or hang some in a muslin bag in the shower) and soak in the aroma and therapy to settle your body and mind. 
  • End the day with a generous application of our restorative blend or soothing blend Pulse Point Oil before bed to settle the mood and prepare you for sleep.
  • The Blend Monthly Box is a great way of ensuring you’re topped up with our product.
  • Nurture Notes newsletter shares the latest tips and knowledge on nurturing with nature.
  • And our Candle Cup and Refills ensures you’re enjoying our Candles sustainably and economically, which will surely bring a smile to your face.


How do I keep updated on products?

The best way to keep up to date on our all-natural scented products is to join The Blend, our monthly box subscription service where every month you receive:

  • your choice of: a 150ml Restore Candle, a 30ml Blended Oil or a Candle Cup refill, in the blend of your choice
  • samples of new products
  • trial products and 
  • wellness-related gifts within the Box, 
  • all beautifully and sustainably packaged and delivered to your doorstep monthly. Designed with you and nature in mind.

The best way to keep up to date with news on our products, the benefits of aromatherapy and making it a part of your daily wellness programme is to subscribe to our Nurture Notes newsletter where we talk more about nurturing with nature, wellness, aromatherapy, home scenting, as well as our products.


Are your candles and blended oils products safe to use during pregnancy?

We use ingredients that are carefully selected for their purity and consumer safety. However, Restore Home & Organics products have not been tested on pregnant women to prove their safety. Therefore, if you have any concerns or are under consultant led care, we recommend that you consult your midwife or doctor for advice before using the products. 


How do I ensure I use the products safely?

As with all candles and essential oil products, there are some considerations, so please familiarise yourself with the following safety information.


  • Before each lighting, trim the wicks to 5mm or ¼ inch.
  • Light your candle mindfully, on a heat resistant surface.
  • On the first burn, ensure the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the jar to ensure an even pool is formed to prevent misshaping of your candle. 
  • Always light all of the wicks on a multi-wicked candle to ensure an even burn.
  • Burn your candle for about 1-2 hours for each burn and a maximum of 3 hours. 
  • Do not let your candle overheat and always blow out your candle before leaving the room.
  • Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets.

Blended Oils, Pulse Point Oils and Blended Bath Salts

Our blended oils, sold separately or used within our products are highly volatile. Please follow the advice:

  • Do not use on the skin, unless diluted with a carrier oil. 
  • Keep away from the eyes.
  • Always keep away from babies, children and pets. 
  • Care should be taken when using with the elderly.
  • Do not consume.

Allergen Information

All allergens within our blend products are listed on the safety label on the base of the product but here are the relevant allergens for each blend within our products: 

  • The restorative blend
  • The joyful blend 
  • The energising blend 
  • The soothing blend
  • The festive blend 

When should I expect my first The Blend Box?

Once subscribed for The Blend Box, we aim to deliver your first box by the beginning of the next month after your subscription starts. Where you subscribe at the end of a month, it may run into the next month but we’ll notify you by email of the arrangements.

I've signed up for your email Nurture Notes newsletter but I’ve not received anything yet?  I haven’t yet had the welcome discount code?

Do please check your clutter or junk email folders as sometimes emails from new senders end up there.  If you add our email address to your contacts, this shouldn’t happen again.  Do let us know if you are having difficulties however, on info@restorehome.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Where can I find detailed information on your products?

The product descriptions in our shop contain detail on the products, including the scents in the collection, but for more detailed information on the ingredients in our products and how to use them see the links below:

  • Candles: For more information on how to optimise the use of your Restore Candle, please take a look at our Candle Care tips and our Scented Home Wellness blog.
  • Blended Oils: For more information on how to best use our Blended Oils, please take a look our Blended Oil tips and our Scented Home Wellness blog.
  • Pulse Point Oils: For more information on how to use our Pulse Point Oils, please take a look at our Scented Home Wellness blog.
  • Blended Bath Salts: For more information on how to use our Blended Bath Salts, please take a look at our Scented Home Wellness blog.


How often will you bring out new blends?

Do join our Nurture Notes newsletter list and you’ll hear about new products and new blends, including our seasonal blends.  If you subscribe to The Blend to receive our monthly Blend Box, you’ll also get samples of new blends and products before they’re launched. 

What’s the process if I want to return something?

Please see our Returns Policy.

Where do I get information about being a stockist?

We love to extend the list of suppliers we have for our products so please do contact us on info@restorehome.com and we’ll contact you for a chat. 

Do you give any bulk discount?

Where the order is over a certain quantity of items, we’re happy to discuss bulk discounts. Please do contact us on info@restorehome.com

What are your payment terms?

We require payment on order via Shopify and we accept all major debit and credit cards.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Will you be holding any workshops?

We plan to hold a home scenting workshop with the chance to make a candle in a blend of your own choice, and to learn more about essential oils and home scenting.  If you join our Nurture Notes newsletter list or follow us on Instagram @restore_home_ you’ll be the first to hear about the workshops!


Why “Restore Home & Organics”?

We’re called Restore Home & Organics because we’re all about restorative self-care, renewing ourselves, body and soul, restoring the feeling of home in our dwellings, and making them somewhere where we feel at home but also where we can bloom, and doing what we do in an organic way, in the plant-based products we create, the artistic, natural and fluid form of our hand-thrown candle cups, and the packaging and linens we use made from natural linen and organic cottons.   It epitomises what we’re about and what we stand for.



transitive verb: 1. give back, return. 2. to put or bring back into existence or use. 3. to bring back to or put back into a former or original state: 4. renew.



noun: 1. a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates; 2. an enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh and learn; 3. somewhere where you are loved, respected, and cared for. 



noun: 1. of plant or animal origin only; 2. relating to or yielding plant origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides; 3. characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms; 4. noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals.