Focus on our Blends – The Collections and Seasonal Influences

Focus on our Blends – The Collections and Seasonal Influences

Aroma-therapeutic blends, with you and nature in mind.

We know that nature has profound effects on our mood.  It has the ability to restore equilibrium, soothe or invigorate. Like scent, it can evoke memories and feelings of joy and calm.  We seek inspiration from nature and use its botanicals, whilst respecting nature and seeking to ensure it is not harmed, but preserved for the future.    

With you and nature in mind, we can use natural elements to enhance our wellbeing and improve our lifestyles over the long-term and moments in time more immediately. 

Only pure essential oils deliver the therapeutic effect. Fragrance oils on the other hand, which many commercially produced candles and oils are made from are simply synthetic aromas, with none of the powerful therapy of natural essential oils. 

This difference is critical and is just one of the reasons why we only use essential oils and never use fragrance oils.  To us, scent without essential oil aromatherapy is a missed opportunity for our wellbeing!

"lighting a candle, a pause in time, to take a breath, to reflect, and restore"

The Collection

Our core collection is made of four wellness blends, to support your health and wellness needs, and these are supplemented every season, with a blend that taps into that time of the year, in tune with nature’s rhythm. Essential oils are simply extracts of plants, flowers and herbs, and our seasonal blends reflect the cycle of the natural world and seasonal influences.

 Our core Collection is:

No. I                   The restorative blend

Lavender and Mint

A restoring blend of calming Lavender, uplifting Mint, re-invigorating Eucalyptus and comforting Rose, evoking feelings of contentment. Genuinely, restoring mind, body and soul – which is why it’s our No. I Blend and will always be part of our Collection.

No. II                 The joyful blend

Sweet Orange and Rosemary

A mood-enhancing citrus blend of Sweet Orange, herbal Rosemary, and balancing Cedarwood, evoking feelings of joy and happiness. Love, laughter and light, captured in a blend!

No. III               The energising blend

Bergamot and Verbena

A zesty blend of re-energising and anxiety-reducing Bergamot, cleansing Clary Sage, citrus and bright Lemon Verbena, evoking energy and verve. The bright pick-me-up when you need a bit of zing.

No. IV               The soothing blend

Rose Geranium and Chamomile

A feminine blend of hormone-balancing Rose Geranium, gentle Palma Rosa, emotion-regulating Ylang Ylang and soothing Chamomile. Soft, gentle and balancing, like a hug from a dear friend.

Our core Collection Blends are supplemented with our Seasonal Blends, which currently are:

Spring               The awakening blend

Neroli and Lemon Eucalyptus

A lifting blend of sweet citrus Neroli and invigorating Lemon Eucalyptus, balanced with soothing Lavender and uplifting Teatree. A blend to re-awaken the spirits and bounce into Spring.

Winter             The festive blend

Orange and Pine Needle

A festive, zesty and nostalgic blend of citrus Sweet Orange, crisp Fir and Pine Needle, and warming Cinnamon. Pour some festive cheer, and reminisce.

We’re very happy to send blend samples to you so you can see which scents you prefer.  We send samples in the form of our Blended Oils as these are the pure blends which form the aroma element of our products so you can be confident from the sample that a particular blend is the right one for you, whether it’s in the form of our Candles, Blended Oils for diffusing, Pulse Point Oils, Pillow Mists or Blended Bath Salts. The sample Blended Oils can be tested using the provided tester paper or added to an electronic water diffuser. 

We provide two samples free and make a small charge for any additional testers, plus postage.  Just contact us on if you’d like to receive a tester.

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