The Power of Plants – why essential oils are such botanical powerhouses!

The Power of Plants – why essential oils are such botanical powerhouses!

Essential oils are simply pure botanical extracts of plants, flowers and herbs. Modern science indicates that it’s essential oils that enable plants to survive, to fight off fungus and bacteria, and to attract pollinators through their aroma. Essential oils are the essence of botanical life and as such are highly potent organic substances.  No wonder they have profound effects on us!

Scent is evocative and our homes are our personal sanctuaries so we believe that home scent products should take you on a sensory journey, with candles, blended oils, pulse point oils, blended bath salts and pillow mists, to captivate the senses, enhance a mood, and take you on a sensory experience. 

Drawn from the natural world, and using plant-based waxes and pure essential oils, our products work in harmony with nature and our planet, created and hand-blended with you and nature in mind. And because the scent blends are 100% pure essential oils, they have genuine aroma-therapeutic effect.

“beautiful things don’t ask for attention

So whilst scent is the first draw of our products, the hero is the aroma-therapeutic effect. Blending botanicals is both an art and a science. The art is perfecting the perfume blend so that the scent hits the right note, so the aroma is not only beautiful but also sensory, evocative and synergistic. The science is in ensuring the chemical blend is right so the therapeutic and holistic benefits are optimised – to heal, and to balance body, mind and spirit.

When I first understood that the therapeutic effect of aroma only came with essential oils, it was a revelation. I then began to realise why I felt differently with some candles and diffused oils than with others. Any scent is evocative and produces and emotional reaction from the smell alone but only pure essential oils, in being highly potent organic substances, the natural powerhouses, the qualities of which produce the therapeutic effects of modern aromatherapy. Basically, fragrance oils are just scents whereas essential oils have the ability to calm, relax, balance, ground, uplift, energise, stimulate, cleanse, soothe and rejuvenate, depending on your chosen blend.

They genuinely help in our wellness journeys, particularly when used as part of our daily routines.

And how they come to you is part of the sensory experience too.  Beautifully presented in pretty and re-usable boxes or cotton bags, with sustainable wrap, information cards and gift tags. As all our products are hand-made in our Cotswolds cottage, and we wrap and pack all parcels, we’re also able to provide a more personal service.

with you and nature in mind

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