Candle care and Oil Blends care – how to get the best from our products

Candle care and Oil Blends care – how to get the best from our products

You’ve put a lot of consideration into selecting your products and you want to get the most of them.  Learn how to extend the life and optimise the benefits of our products, including our Candles and essential oil Blends


Candle Care

Your aromatherapeutic candle is a combination of eco rapeseed and coconut wax, combined with a generous mix of pure essential oils, hand-made and hand-blended. 100% natural, 100% nature-led.  Nurturing with nature.

Candles made purely from plant-based waxes and essential oils behave slightly differently to paraffin wax and synthetic aroma candles and deserve special care.  You’ll get the most from your Restore candle with the following burning and wick tips:

  1. Before each lighting, trim the wicks to 5mm or ¼ inch. This will prevent mushrooming of the wick and ensure a clean burn.
  2. On the first burn, ensure the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the jar to ensure an even melted wax pool is formed. This prevents funneling which misshapes your candle and results in a less clean and shorter burn time.
  3. Light your candle mindfully, on a level and heat resistant surface. Natural candles product a wonderful melt pool that solidifies as it cools but whilst lit, can result in spillage if the candle is lit on an uneven surface.
  4. Burn your candle for about 1-2 hours for each burn and a maximum of 4 hours.
  5. After lighting, place the metal lid or seeded dust cover on the candle to ensure the wax stays clear and free from dust and to preserve the scent.
  6. Always light all of the wicks on a multi-wicked candle to ensure an even burn.
  7. Do not let your candle overheat and always blow out your candle before leaving the room.
  8. Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets.

Using these tips will optimise the burn quality and ensure you can enjoy your Restore Candle and its aromatherapeutic benefits for as long as possible.

Blended Oil Care  

Your oils have been blended with you and nature in mind. They are 100% fine essential oils, powerful natural substances and should be kept stored within the amber glass bottles they are supplied in, away from sunlight. This will preserve the qualities and scent combinations of the oils.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile substances and should be treated with care and respect:

  • For best effects, use in an electronic diffuser, adding drops from the pipette to the water, following the manufacturer’s guidance for the diffuser. This is also the best and quickest way to get the olfactory benefits of essential oils. And the scent wonderfully fills the home!
  • Quantities can be adapted to your wants and needs but generally we recommend around 1 pipette for a standard size diffuser.
  • Ensure you clean the water vessel of your diffuser regularly, every month or so, so that any residual oil is cleared away and not “burnt” within the vessel when the water level reduces, as this can affect the scent quality.
  • Do not use undiluted oils on the skin. If to be used for topical application, dilute with a carrier oil, such as the Restore Carrier Oil, blended with three special carrier oils. Note that our Pulse Point Oils are already diluted with carrier oils.
  • Keep oils away from the eyes. If oil comes into contact with the eyes, rinse and seek medical attention if required.
  • Always keep essential oils away from babies, children and pets. Care should be taken when using with the elderly.
  • Do not consume.

Taking care of your Restore Blended Oil will ensure you can enjoy the scent combination and the aromatherapeutic benefit of our blends as intended.


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